24 Hours Are Enough

Next Teleseminar in Fall 2014!

This interactive four-week seminar is designed to show you how 24 hours is plenty of time to ‘get it all done’ – and still have time remaining for what’s important to you. You’ll also learn the basic tenets of organization, time management and productivity.

Key takeaways include:

  • Identifying the habits that are preventing you from getting organized
  • Understanding how to prioritize and focus on your goals
  • Implementing tools and strategies for ongoing success

Included in the e-course is a customized Organizational Personality Test and workbook.

Dates:   TBD.

Register:  http://24hoursareenough.com/event-registration/

This teleseminar is taught in conjunction with Stacey Vulakh of Timestyle Coaching & Consulting (www.timestylecoaching.com)