Digital Organization: Lessons From a 60s TV Mom

June Cleaver, TV’s most perfect mom ever. Productive days, even temperament, always at the ready to help her “Three Sons”. Let’s imagine how June Cleaver could have used her organizational home management skills to attain digital organization today as a business owner.

The Signature Apron. She ironed her clothes and got dressed once each day, protecting her clothes with her fashionable apron. This is time management.

Multi-Tasking, Sort Of. I like to think of this more like “layering”. Face mask on, rollers in and under her kerchief, pushing a vacuum in one hand, and a cigarette in the other. This is similar to doing all the work necessary in a certain system, project, or platform to streamline focus.

Clean and Maintain As You Go. Sort and put away as you dust. Wipe down counters so you can put clean dishes down on a towel there. June would have had an empty inbox, a tidy desktop (literally and technologically), and a balanced Quickbooks account each day. Okay, maybe each week.

Prepared To Transition. That apron was also its own file drawer. Some Bianca breath spray, lipstick, and a powder compact complete with mirror in the front pocket. So she feels fresh and ready to serve Ward his end-of-workday cocktail with a smile. Who knows what else she had in there in case of an emergency. When you keep everything in its assigned place, transitioning between tasks in project management is seamless.

I know that life in the 60s is nothing like it is now, but some things are similar – humans need some sense of digital organization to move forward in business, excel at work, and find their accomplishments rewarding.

It’s not about doing everything better and faster so you can have more time to do more stuff. The point of digital organization is to organize, track, and manage everything in your professional digital world to make things easier. To have more balanced days. It provides efficiency, clarity, and confidence in your ability to serve your customers on a higher level.


It’s no coincidence that these are the initials of digital organization. A successful, manageable, and let’s be honest – tolerable digital organization system is an actionable one. And what’s easily actionable for one person isn’t necessarily so for someone else. Tools, systems, processes – they don’t use themselves. You have to like using them to reap their true benefits.

You can see that June found the ways that personally worked for her specifically. Someone else might stay in their PJs rather than use an apron. Maybe for you, you’re answering follow-up emails while adding the recipients to your CRM, and connecting to those contacts already on your list.

Maintenance over Mayhem

What I can tell you is that to achieve, and keep, digital organization you have to be ready to choose.

Here’s what I see often – small business owners have the same 24 hours a day as everyone else. They tend to let the maintenance pieces slip, and those small daily tasks turn into larger weekly tasks and overwhelming monthly tasks.

Here are some modern-day suggestions to up your digital organization game:

A place for everything, everything in its place. Put files in the correct folders at the end of the day and you’ll have no problem finding them. Create new folders for new projects. Label files and folders with clear details – date, time, client name project name, content info – whatever will help you find what you’re looking for quickly.

Clean up as you go. Take 15 minutes to go through and sort emails that are older than a month, two weeks, etc. The frequency of this will be commensurate to the amount of email you receive.

Set Yourself Up. Clean up your desktop before you leave work for the day. A disheveled computer desktop creates disheveled energy. Your desktop should be a roadmap, showing you clear choices of where to go and when to detour until your top priorities of the day are addressed. 

Improving productivity through digital organization may sound like making time for more work, but it means something else. 

  • More time, less stress.
  • More clarity, less frazzle.
  • Maybe it means shorter work days or work weeks.
  • Or longer lunches. 
  • Or happier customers, happier employees, happier business owners.

If you’re ready to embrace your inner June Cleaver, I’d love to support you. Schedule a call today so we can talk about how I can help you maintain your digital organization.

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