“I hired Melissa for organizational consults with my veterinary staff. I also used her services to create operation manuals for my practice. Melissa’s coaching, as well as the “hard-copy” of her work, is impeccable and very reasonably priced for her “product”. I have recommended her services to busy professionals who need a crutch like Melissa in the workplace. She is worth every cent. And a PLEASURE to work with…always smiling!”

Annie Rockwell, Atlantic Veterinary Hospital

“Melissa has consulted with my small office team as we prepare for staffing transitions, resulting in the smooth transfer of job responsibilities and happy clients throughout the process. We’ve used Melissa’s services for promotions, backfilling of positions and leave of absence planning.”

Ann Robbeloth, Esq., Law Offices of Ann Marshall Robbeloth

“Melissa is amazing. Her positive and encouraging attitude are as productive as her excellent organizing skills. I have used several different office organizers in the past, and Melissa is absolutely stellar in this profession. She is brisk and efficient, while also warm, personable and very understanding when it comes to any areas that are particularly challenging to deal with. She shares wisdom and time saving tricks from her wealth of experience, and she is extremely conscious of ensuring that we produce great value for my time and money invested in her services. I highly recommend Melissa and ‘Feeling Organized’.”

Alexandra Huff

“The girls really love their new bookcase. We call it ‘The Library’. It’s amazing what a difference it makes just having their books in one place. My older daughter is more interested in reading now because it is a fun space to browse through. Thanks so much for your help. One more organizing project off the to do list!”

Susan Austin

“The paper organizing system has been great – in fact, when my husband was going to Germany and needed to renew his passport, I was able to tell him where to find the information he needed without even going into the file cabinet!”

Julie O’Donnell

“Melissa has assisted me through several transitions in my life — personally and professionally. Her ability to organize the chaos has been amazing and provides a sense of calm during the storm. During a transition in my office, she provided methods to organize critical paper work and equipment and long-term filing. While moving into a new home, she assisted with organizing the old house for the move in such a way, that unpacking was greatly simplified. In addition, the spreadsheet system she created to track what needed to be closed out at the old house and what address changes and services needed to be added at the new house, were invaluable. For projects large and small, Melissa provides the piece of mind that allows you to focus on your transition, not the clutter surrounding it.”

Danielle Terrazas, ChaseVP

“Your time has been the best investment in living my life that I’ve made so far.”

Virginia Older

“I recently worked with Melissa to transition my business to a new office in downtown San Jose. Melissa was innovative, encouraging, efficient and fun, making it a highly successful physical and psychological move. Not only do I love my new space, I am significantly more effective in my work and find things with ease after her redesign of my filing system. Melissa is a talented resource, capable of seeing your processes and creating new, more powerful ways to work”.

Cherryll Sevy, Cypress Ridge Solutions and Insurance Services, Inc.

“I have engaged Melissa several times for both office and personal organization. She is extremely effective, and her extra value-add is that she designs and implements systems to make sure that the organization efforts continue seamlessly. Most Organizers just help you clean up an existing mess – Melissa develops processes that continue to make life easier.”

Cathy Gawne, Hopkins & Carley

“Melissa’s work is extraordinary. I first hired her to help organize and plan some very complex projects. She had to interact with several service providers; direct and coordinate them to meet our goals. In fact, it started with one project and she was so great that it turned into several. It was great to have someone trustworthy, intelligent, and ORGANIZED. I highly recommend her, from the smallest projects to the most complex. Anything that you’ve put off tackling she will get done, and you’ll feel great about it!”

Jason Papier, Fluent Wealth Partners

“There is nothing that inspires me to be the best in my business like a well organized, clean space that allows my creativity to flow. That is what Melissa helped me to create. My thriving business is amazing, but the amount of paper that started to pile up on my desk affected my productivity. With a clearly defined system and a clutter free environment, I am totally free to be at my best for my clients. I am working less and making more as a result. Thank you Melissa!”.

Kelly O’Neil, UpLevel Strategies www.uplevelstrategies.com

“Wow! I thought I was an organized person. Then I met Melissa and decided there must be somewhere I could become more organized. She did a GREAT job in rearranging my office and file cabinets in a way that became much more efficient. Melissa’s ideas, suggestions and follow up made the process very enjoyable. She is a wonderful person to work with!”.

Marianne Antuzzi

“Before Melissa came to help us, we could barely walk through our garage. My husband and I were absolutely dreading trying to organize and sift through so much stuff, but somehow Melissa broke it down into very manageable chunks. She kept us on task so that we saw progress quickly – and every time I walk into our garage I’m so grateful we called her to help us. Melissa’s amazing organizational skills, sense of humor and warmth made her a pleasure to work with. As soon as we’re ready to tackle another room in our house, we’re calling Melissa.”.

Erin Dunivin

“Melissa saved my marriage and made me money! My husband and I both work out of the house and share a VERY small office. The cramped and messy quarters were creating a lot of stress in our life. Instead of a therapist, we called Melissa for help. After our consultation, she qulckly gave us a solution to recreate the space; giving us more room and a plan to keep us more organized. In the process I found 2 iPods and $250 worth of gift certificates that had been lost in the clutter. This more than paid for her services. Melissa left us feeling organized. With the tools to keep the office organized moving forward, our work days our now bliss. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”.

Kari Smyth

“Wow! My office is amazing now that Melissa helped me create and put together a new space. Not only is everything in precisely the right place, but Melissa took the time to get to know my work habits and needs to create a plan that works perfectly for me. The time we spent organizing and rearranging things was an absolute delight too–I would have never thought a crash-course in organizing would be so fun.”. ~ Jennifer Benz, Benz Communications

“Melissa is a gem to work with… very friendly, non-judgmental, and an ace at motivating you and helping you figure out where to start as well as provides great tips about how to avoid getting back to the same situation again… I’ve worked with her and wouldn’t even consider going to anyone else.”.

Jennifer Berkley

“I recently worked with Melissa to organize a room and closet in my office. She approached the situation with order, calm and a specific process. She kept me focused and working towards the goal, yet allowed me to work autonomously. At the end of the session, I could see the results and felt a significant sense of accomplishment. I’ve already begun my ‘homework’ for the next session.”.

Stacey Vulakh

“Melissa was instrumental in helping us move our office. We didn’t have the staff time to organize our belongings, shop for the new space, or unpack and put away. Melissa took charge and kept our project moving which allowed us to keep working. She made our move go very smoothly and we were up and running quickly.”. ~ Bob Pfahnl, Quantera Systems

“Thank you so much for helping me to finally organize several areas in my home that were desperately in need of order. Your approach and intuitive manner very effectively addressed problem areas that I had avoided for quite a while. I highly recommend you and look forward to seeing you soon and completing our upcoming projects.”.

Carolyn Anderson

“It’s great working with you. You have the qualities of patience, a cheerleader (to give me courage to continue when I flag or become overwhelmed), focus, organization, and persistence… and you know when to apply them all.”. ~


“Melissa literally saved my desk from chaos and my days from overwhelm. It’s amazing what she can do with just assessing the situation and asking a few insightful questions! Melissa designed systems that helped me get organized and prioritize my daily “to-dos”. After implementation it took a couple of weeks to create new habits, but once it became a daily routine, my productivity skyrocketed! I highly recommend Melissa for her supreme organizational services!”.

Karmen Reed, Kickoff Topic

“I first hired Melissa to help me make sense of the chaos that my office had become. She showed me ways to make my work space look and feel more usable and professional. I loved the results. Because the systems we came up with were tailored specifically to me, it’s been pretty easy to keep the office looking good. The second time I hired Melissa was to help organize the kids’ rooms. I’m so grateful that I’ve met her. Little by little, my house is starting to feel like a home. The kids LOVE their new rooms, and we’re having no trouble keeping the floors picked up because there is a place for everything! Awesome.”.

Mary Ryan, Computer Mama’s

“Melissa helped me to convert one of my bedrooms into a home office. It was a small space–full of storage, etc. She was AMAZING. In a short period of time, she completely re-did the space and turned the small space into a highly efficient/peaceful office space. She also helped me to set up a system that I continue to use to keep myself on top of paperwork,etc.. I now am able to conveniently work at home which has ended up reducing my commute hours and general stress. She was so much fun to work with-she made the whole process go so smoothly. I feel like I accomplished a very important personal goal and I contribute my success to Melissa.”.

Carolyn Yates, Spirit Hill Farm

“Good organizational management is touted as financially prudent and a great return on investment. For me, it has proven to be more. Having this office in optimal functioning order…and not having to try to do it all myself…is the most AMAZING thing of all time. For me, it has created unbelievable productivity. Working with Melissa is a great experience. She is highly organized, communicates beautifully and thoroughly, and moves quickly. I also like her strategic thinking. She has and offers constructive ideas on what to consider and knows immediately how to implement”.

Sally Pera, PeraConnect

“Melissa’s strong suit is quickly assessing the situation and finding organizing solutions that integrate well into the client’s work methods and budget. She doesn’t waste your time and keeps you moving quickly through the process. You rapidly reach your organization destination and can breathe a sigh of relief! She is a great asset to any business”.

Susan Felix, Felix Consulting

“I had to relocate temporarily to the East Coast, and thanks to you, I was able to leave my office in good order with all of my files up to date. Thank you again for the great work you did and for treating all of my information as strictly confidential”.

Avis Brown, Avis Brown Insurance Services

“I wanted to write this letter as a thank you and endorsement of the exceptional job your company has done with organizing our home closets. The design fits perfectly with our lifestyles. It keeps my son’s and my closet neat and tidy (not to mention I can see all of my shoes at a glance). Your attention to detail and design accents makes keeping the closets tidy, easy”.

Despina Mosley

“Melissa came in to help us out. In a surprisingly short time she had cleared things, organized the office services in a way that made sense and left us with an easy to use and more productive workplace. Quarterly visits keep things operating smoothly. We are very pleased with the service Melissa provides and, particularly, with the friendly and professional way in which she provides it”.

Lee Clements, EQUS Group

“Your presentation and enthusiasm for what you do hit the right notes with me, particularly the idea of getting rid with the most obvious clutter. I started that process the weekend after your presentation, beginning with the kitchen pantry. It got the process going, and built a strong momentum that feels powerful enough to be self-sustaining. We’ll see, but I’m definitely going to ride the wave!”

Jan Richards, JG Richards Consulting

“Thank you Melissa! I want you to know how much I appreciate what you did for me. I love being organized, but I was struggling with running into the same mess over and over in my mini walk in closet. You came in and looked at it and solved the problem in 6 hours! It is absolutely beautiful! Sometimes I even leave the doors opens so I can appreciate how organized everything is! Working with you was really fun! I have continued organizing into my home office and the feeling of accomplishment I get is wonderful. Organization is pouring over into my professional life as well and I am no longer stressed out about it at all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for moving me forward in a very organized direction”.

Debbie Hanks, Noron Precision