How It Works

Feeling organized is about finding a place for everything and displaying the items that you love, it is not necessarily about throwing things away. However, if you have something that you no longer need, we can help you donate it to an organization that will find your item a good home.

Complimentary Assessment

The first step to getting organized is a complimentary assessment. During this time we will get a chance to get to know you, talk about your specific needs and goals, tour your space and discuss creative organizing ideas. After our initial meeting, we will send you the assessment of the project, along with an estimate of hours for the project.

Organizing Sessions

The next step is a hands on organizing session, where we work together to find organizing systems that work well for you and your lifestyle. We will work together until you achieve your desired results. During our sessions, we will give you tips that will help you maintain the systems we set up. You can also schedule follow up visits or maintenance visits.

Maintenance Plan

The most important part of reaching your organizing goals is maintaining them. Feeling Organized offers maintenance plans based on your needs. During the maintenance appointment we will review the organizing systems we set up, modify them if needed, assist with new organizational needs and provide ongoing support.

Business Operations Manuals

Processes are an important part of running a business, even for solopreneurs. Feeling Organized will work with you to document your day-to-day operations into a customized, detailed manual. A Business Operations manual increases productivity, saves you time because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you do a task, ensures your employees know what is expected of them and creates consistency in your business and client relations.