Presentations and Workshop Topics

Creating Healthy Organizing Habits

Not sure how to get started on your organizing goals, whether at home or in your business? Feeling overwhelmed? Melissa shares her favorite tips for the most common clutter issues and how to create healthy organizing habits that last!

Creating an Efficient Workspace

Organization can make a tremendous difference to your quality of life, which includes productivity and time-management. In her presentation, Melissa shares how to conquer your paper piles with sorting tips, efficient desktop layouts, and organizational systems for managing filing, paper flow, magazines and mail.

Maximizing Efficiency with Processes and Procedures

Documenting your daily operations in an operations manual creates systems, consistency and value in your business. It also serves as a great training tool. In this talk, you'll learn about the importance of creating a manual, documenting processes, set-up, best uses for a manual, and how to keep your processes and procedures updated.

I am available to conduct presentations and workshops in person on the North Shore of Boston, as well as virtually all over the United States.

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