Tips for Working at Home

It’s been an interesting six months for all of us. Many of you may find yourself working from home for the first time, full time, and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help you be successful and maintain your mental health:

  1. Wake up, shower and get dressed like you’re going into the office. You don’t have to put on a suit, but at least get out of what you wore to bed. The simple act of changing clothes can help put you in “work mode” and make you “feel human”.
  2. Create a dedicated place to work in your home. Try to keep all work related items in one location instead of spread out all over the house.
  3. Take breaks throughout the day, including lunch. Set alarms on your phone to remind you to take 15-minute breaks and at least a 30-minute lunch.
  4. Take a walk at least once a day – even if it’s just around the block. It’s good to get some fresh air but if you can’t walk the block, do some laps around your house.
  5. Whenever possible, do video conference calls instead of regular phone calls. Seeing each others faces and expressions helps us feel more connected.

When you start to feel overwhelmed, do something kind for yourself – have a video happy hour call with friends, work on a puzzle, take a walk, read, do a craft, etc.

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